I received my Software Engineering degree from the University of Alberta in 2008. During this time, I was fortunate to hone my skills in the field of artificial intelligence. Since then, I've had the chance to expand my skills developing web-based business tools. I'm passionate about using computers to solve challenging problems in unique ways. I enjoying web-development in particular because ideas can quickly be turned into reality. Lately, I have been completely focused on Jobber. It's business management software for onsite service companies.

I enjoy connected to new people, and I try to stay involved in the open-source community. Feel free to contact me to discuss interesting projects, rails, Jobber, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Recent Blog Posts

Top 15 Startups In Canada!!!

I've been so busy with Jobber lately that I haven't had a chance to write much. However, I wanted to let the world know that we've recently been selected by Metabridge as one of the top 15 startups in Canada. This is a huge honor which will give us a chance to represent Canada at a startup conference where we'll meet some of the top investors from Silicon Valley.

It's great to be recognized for all

Why Should You Care About Cloud Computing?

Article originally written for the Jobber Blog

Jobber is a web app that runs in the "cloud". You may have heard the term before, but why should you care?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term used by a lot of companies that provide software as a service instead of a product. Jobber is an example of a company that operates "in the cloud." Instead of buying servers, we rent computing power by the hour. We also rent storage space by the GB, which we can access over the Internet. This keeps us from having to purchase and maintain our own hardware — an inherently costly and maintenance intensive endeavour. At Jobber we rent our computing power from Amazon (yes the book sellers) through a third party named Heroku.


PDF Magic

I've been using PDFs quite a bit in Jobber lately. From emailing employees their schedules to printing of postage labels for client invoices. However, when we updated to Rails 3.1, I discovered that the Prawnto gem we had been using was broken. A quick look at the network graph on github showed no clear maintainer. There were lots of forks with great features just sitting there, so I decided it was time for somebody to step up to the plate. I gathered all the fragmented forks and merged them into a single repository. I also cleaned up the code, fixed all the tests, and put together some basic documentation. You read more...

Neat Reporting Interface

Just letting people know about a powerful new reporting interface I just finished building into Jobber. You can read all about it in the docs. It provides detailed insight into various aspects of your business. You can see which servies and product make you the most money, how your quote are converting to jobs over time, etc. 

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